If you are feeling…

 The pressure to be or appear perfect or strong all the time.

Feeling stuck, anxious, or unmotivated.

Constantly editing your thoughts or your words because you’re worried about being accepted.

Feel like you are constantly trying to win the admiration or approval of others.

Bogged down by the voice of an inner critic in your daily life

Sick of being a “nice guy”.


Then this group is for you.



"This program absolutely changed the way I look at fitness. No longer is my physical health something out of reach, but instead something tangible that I can feel and see improving with every single session."


Here is a weekly online group for Asian men who want to step up into a greater version of masculinity, break through their limited programming, and become better men in life, work, and love, while being supported by other men doing this same work.


We focus on...


We are stronger and more integrated men when we’re surrounded by other men who hold us accountable to the best version of ourselves. We’ve seen men go through incredible transformations—starting businesses they’ve been dreaming of, finding their soul mates, finding their purpose, quitting addictions, healing trauma—because they finally stopped “doing it alone” and had the support of men who have their backs while also lovingly challenging them. 


Many men grow up being conditioned to show only their best sides, hiding everything else: their feelings, fears, shadows and shame. What we resist, persists, and continues to hold us back from being our greatness. What we authentically share and move through together becomes the key to turning our messes into our message, our pains into our power, our fears into our freedom.


So many of us grew up feeling the pressure to always be perfect and to perform. Here, you don’t have to put on that face, and share the struggles, imperfections, and whatever else you are carrying in your life that you might not want to take out on your family, partner, or friends. The group is here to carry that load together with you.


To put it simply, because of Relatability. As Asian men, we may share similar cultural experiences that many others may not fully relate to: core values and beliefs that are taught at a young age, experiences with being seen as minorities within our own communities, or common patterns and traumas that are easier to talk about with others who have experienced the same.

We created this group to bring together men who share similar challenges and experiences in the Asian culture to work through them together.


Challenges like: 

 Defining our success and worthiness based on what your parents (or other people) want, rather than what you truly want

 Being attached and consumed by outer appearance, status, materialism and how others see you

 Feeling the need to “fit in” rather than being uniquely you

 Struggling to not fully express your feelings and needs, and being frustrated when others don’t understand you

 Being a “lone wolf” and feeling like you have to “do it alone” because asking for help is a sign of “weakness”

 Taking care of everyone else first before yourself (or at the cost of yourself) because you have been conditioned to be the responsible caretaker 

 Lacking motivation, or feeling burnt out in life. Constantly feeling like you don’t have enough time or energy.

 Lacking a sense of purpose or meaning because your path was “pre-determined” for you

 Feeling the pressure of needing to perform well to prove your worth, in both work and relationships


You Are The Product Of The Choices You Make (or Don’t Make)








John is the host of the Big Asian Energy show, a leadership coach for Asian North Americans, has been a teacher and speaker for 15 years, and has been leading men’s groups for the past 4 years. He is trained in performance coaching, group facilitation, emotional intelligence, and NLP. After experiencing a deep burnout and what he calls the “dark night of his soul”, he has dedicated his life to helping people discover their purpose and step into their true and most powerful selves. His core message includes self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-leadership. 


Colin is a former monk turned executive leadership coach, business mentor, entrepreneur, & investor. Being tired of growing up in a very traditional Asian culture, Colin committed to living an unconventional life based on his choices and his purpose. He spent 7 years training as a monk before transitioning back into the world to help leaders elevate their presence, claim their power, and lead by design rather than by the default of their patterns & traumas. He has been doing the personal transformation & inner work for 20 years now, has been coaching others for 6 years, and has been leading men’s groups for the past 3 years.


• You are ready to hold yourself accountable to a higher version of you. You are ready to do the work NOW, and are willing to take action to change yourself for the better TODAY.

• You are committed to giving and supporting others as much as you’re committed to receiving support and feedback

• You identify yourself as Asian: East Asian, South Asian, Half Asian, Part Asian—all are welcome. Please let us know how you prefer to be identified in the sign up form. 

• GBTQ men are welcome. Feel free to ask as further questions if you’d like more clarification.


• We practice radical responsibility here, meaning our goal isn’t to sit around and bemoan how it’s everyone else’s fault for doing us wrong. The shaming or attacking of any other race or gender is NOT welcome. Toxicity, misogyny, sexism, racism, or any of the other -isms is NOT welcome. 

• This is not a therapy group. While support and space to share often has therapeutic effects, our purpose is not therapy and would recommend mental health professionals. 

• We are aware that race is a complex topic and systemic issues exist, and may come up in discussion, but our main focus is not politics. We’re here to support each other on becoming our best self.



What you can expect:

  • Weekly Group Calls online (2 hours) where the facilitators will lead you through various discussions, shares, and exercises that help you step more into your integrated masculinity and your best self
  • Group Calls will start on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm PST
  • Private Whatsapp Group to stay connected, get accountability and support from the group 
  • In-Person Events (in the near future) including skill-building workshops, group workouts, social hangouts, and retreats



  • The monthly due for this community is $77.00 per month, which goes towards facilitation and administration.

  • We believe that money should never be an obstacle for growth. If you cannot afford the dues as a result of financial hardship, reach out to us ([email protected] or [email protected]). 



Currently, there is a meeting EVERY WEDNESDAY at 6:30pm PST / 9:30pm EST to 8:30pm PST / 11:30pm EST. Consistency is a key pillar of our work.