Big Asian Energy: The Book


The first Asian-American-specific self-development book of its kind. To be published by Tiny Reparations, a part of Penguin Random House. Coming 2025.


About the Creator

I'm the founder of Big Asian Energy, a coaching, consulting, and education company that helps North American Asian leaders, entrepreneurs, and high performers to find their voice, build their confidence, and create their own unique path to purpose.

I'm a high-performance mindset coach with over 15 years of experience teaching Asian American and Canadian high-achievers to become more assertive leaders, confident presenters, and charismatic communicators.

I also host a podcast called, Big Asian Energy Podcast, where I interview influential Asians who have created their own authentic version of success.

When I'm not teaching, coaching, TikTok-ing, or podcasting, I enjoy spending time with my partner and best friends. I'm also an avid gym-goer and enjoy jet-setting as often as possible.



I'm SO EXCITED to announce that I've sold my upcoming book, BIG ASIAN ENERGY, to Tiny Reparations and Penguin Random House International USA. 

This has been a dream project for a long time coming. 

Over the past 15 years, my main work has always been coaching and teaching performance, communication, and inner growth. 

My videos on behaviour patterns have been seen by millions. I’ve worked with top performers from Fortune 100’s, CEOs, entrepreneurs, top students, and others. 

But amongst them, one group I’ve been most passionate about working with have been Asian Americans/Canadians overachievers. 

And it’s a strange time to be Asian American. Terms like invisible minority, model minority, privileged minority, and a plethora of other concepts that play into how we show up in the world. 

Internally, though, is where it gets really interesting. 

For some of us, there’s pressures of overachievement and perfectionism as part of family duty. 

Or the expectations of being a caretaker to support a collectivist culture. 

Or the overwhelm of having to balance between the expectations of self-sacrifice and self-promotion. 

For those of us who knows what it feels like, knows it can be overwhelming. 

Growing up with an overachiever mom who wrote books about child development (featuring me 😑), I was always a bit obsessed with learning about what makes high achievers tick. 

But after about two decades or so of researching and experimenting on myself, I realized the real work extends so much deeper than just working harder and being nice. 

Questions started to appear, like:

How do we find our inner brilliance and communicate our ideas… without appearing egotistical?

How do we speak up with more assertiveness and leadership … without being seen as demanding?

And how do we get seen, be recognized, and own a seat at the table… without feeling like we’re inconveniencing others? 

The book explores the effects of cultural expectations, generational patterns, pressures of assimilation, myths that we’ve had to dispel, and dives into how so many of these unspoken rules that guide our lives may have developed into self-imposed limitations. 

And I can't wait to share it with you. 

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