Jerry Won On Driving Change While Driving Profits: The Fusion of Impact and Income

Have you ever wondered about the unseen obstacles that hold back the potential of Asian Americans?


In a world where opportunities abound, there's a persistent issue that often goes unnoticed.


Many Asian Americans venture into the corporate realm hoping to be successful and grow their careers.  However, there's a quiet, underlying barrier that most people don't notice. This problem can get in the way of success and personal growth. 


Today, we're going to look closely at this hidden problem that needs our attention.


In this episode, we're joined by an inspiring individual, Jerry Won. He's the driving force behind an Asian American Media Company and the popular podcast "Dear Asian American." 


His journey and insights promise to shed light on the subtle forces that shape our lives and offer a path toward breaking free from them. 


Let's tune in and start uncovering the layers of influence that have been silently guiding our paths. 


Here’s what you can learn in the episode: 

[00:05:20] MBA job needs income; is happiness possible?

[00:11:21] Entrepreneurs using the internet to share success stories.

[00:13:30] Pandemic show, job search, unexpected free time.

[00:19:04] Importance of identity in business narratives.

[00:24:54] Limited perspective: childhood friend becomes head partner.

[00:32:16] Use your privilege to make a difference.

[00:34:32] Find your purpose, help others, and invest.

[00:36:23] We can't control how others receive our message.

[00:40:04] Impact multiplied by income equals success.

[00:43:24] America is young, but carries ancient legacies.

Learn more about Jerry and his mission! 





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