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The key to unlocking your unique strengths and true potential is identifying ways in which you're holding yourself back. The 7 Patterns Quiz will show you how you can overcome self-sabotage and imposter syndrome by mastering your habits and motivation. 

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Are you the Achiever, Fixer, Charmer, or Rebel?

Your Adaptive Pattern reveals your strengths and weaknesses in the way you communicate and show up in the world.

Understanding your core pattern and how it impacts your psychology and motivation will help you uncover your unique approach to owning your confidence and unlocking your true potential.

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Fearful of being an inconvenience to others?

Uncomfortable being praised or recognized?

Compulsive desire to be overly nice or to help others self-sacrificially?

Pressured to change your communication style or even opinions to match others?

Difficulty delegating responsibilities to others?

Stuck in your career or relationships?

Perfectionist Paralysis: unable to start until you know you can do it perfectly?

Compelled to avoid attention and stay in the background?

I know the pattern.

Adaptive patterns are things we learned to do to fit in, to succeed, or even to survive. Over time, these behaviours become habitual, a natural part of the way we speak and act. 

At one time or another, I've experienced all of these patterns.  And so did many of the hundreds of people I've spoken to and worked with. Over time, this has caused many people to shy away from promotions, giving credit to others that they deserve, or even burning out. 

Working with a psychologist, I was able to identify the 7 most common ones that get in our way. These adaptive patterns of behaviour are not personalities or identities and aren't meant to be set in stone. But by becoming aware of them, we can start asking if they are serving us.

Every strength has a shadow, and knowing how to identify the patterns and DECIDING we want to step into them allow us the ability to own them, rather than be owned by them.

Embark On A Journey Of Self-Discovery By Taking Our 7 Patterns Quiz

In less than 20 minutes, you will discover your pattern and how to unleash your genius and unique strengths.


Meet John Wang

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John's goal is to help Asian American leaders, entrepreneurs, and high performers to find their inner brilliance and be seen for it in the world. 

Over the past year, he's been gathering and interviewing some of the best minds in the Asian American community to find and analyze what made them different: the strategies, the mindsets, and the tools used by the ceiling breakers, the change makers, and the trendsetters. 

John's the host of the Big Asian Energy Podcast where he interviews influential Asians who have created their own authentic version of success.