Millicent Cho, Dan Chen, and Ien Chi On How Asian Americans Can Foster Mutual Support and Equality

Power has a big effect on our lives. It shapes the stories we hear and the chances we have.


From the media where certain opinions prevail over others, to politics where decisions are often influenced by those in positions of authority, power dynamics play a crucial role in shaping our perceptions and experiences.


As we look through the lens of contemporary society, we see a pressing problem: how can we effectively navigate power dynamics to ensure that everyone has a voice and empower communities?


In this episode, we are honored to have Millicent Cho, Dan Chen, and Ien Chi, individuals who have not only recognized these challenges but have taken proactive steps to make a difference.


Our guests share their unique experiences and talk about their work in the creative industry, such as their inspiring work with startups and established platforms like Jubilee.


Tune in to this impactful conversation as we look into the realms of power, representation, and community.  


Here’s what you can learn from the episode: 


00:05:33 Community responds to local attacks, promotes self-defense.

00:06:50 Exploitation and harm in Asian American community.

00:11:50 Combat exclusion mindset, build strong community ties.

00:15:47 Fair question: Will this represent Asians correctly?

00:18:06 "Authenticity attracts, don't seek others' approval."

00:22:21 Months of editing, 3-4 cuts, collective feedback.

00:24:45 Chaotic but captivating process of filming in NYC.

00:29:11 Empowering and inclusive environment with Asian leadership.

00:32:46 Asian Americans experience different mindset and treatment.

00:37:32 Tension in filmmaking creates strong, interesting work.

00:39:30 Navigating real forces, keep faith, find solutions.

00:43:24 Let go of perfectionism and self-worth.

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