Andrew Chau On The Asian Leadership Brew Behind One Of America's Original And Largest Boba Business

In today's rapidly changing landscape, the need for authentic Asian American representation is pressing.


But what exactly does this mean? 


It's a question that gains increasing significance as we navigate a media landscape that often falls short of capturing the diverse richness of the Asian American experience.


Stereotypes are still around, stories remain untold, and a complex web of identities remains overlooked.


We're thrilled to introduce Andrew Chao, co-founder of Boba Guys, a pioneering Boba tea chain in the US. 


Get ready to be inspired as Andrew talks about his unique story. We'll talk about how he grew up as one of the few Asian kids in a small New Jersey town. We'll look at how this helped him develop confidence and leadership skills. 


Join us as we journey into the heart of this matter, unraveling the layers of cultural resilience, authenticity, and the pursuit of true representation.


It's time to challenge preconceptions and embrace a new narrative.


Get ready for an inspiring and thought-provoking Big Asian Energy episode! 


Here’s what you can learn in the episode: 


[00:17:58] Western stereotypes onto the CEO, despite the immigrant hustle and diverse background.

[00:36:40] "Don't touch Asian elderly, it's personal"

[00:44:57] Creating BOBA guys: embracing diversity, challenging stereotypes

[00:48:28] Specialty beverages converge globally, especially in Asia.

[00:55:50] Asian parents criticize like Yelp reviews.

[01:03:22] Similar immigrant experiences bond different cultural communities.

[01:09:13] Collectivist mentality in Asian American community.


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