Tiffany Yu on How She Found Her Voice as a Disability Advocate

In many Asian families, there's an unspoken rule: You're only as good as your achievements.

Growing up, this belief becomes so ingrained that it shapes how we form relationships and perceive self-worth in adulthood.

The weight of societal expectations, cultural norms, and familial pressures craft our identities, often at the expense of our true selves.

And the result? Deep-seated insecurities, strained relationships, and battles with mental well-being.

In today's episode, we sit down with Tiffany Yu. She is s a passionate advocate on a mission to amplify intersectional disability representation and democratize visibility. A 3x TEDx speaker and a voice at the World Economic Forum, Tiffany frequently speaks on disability representation through an intersectional lens and the importance of embracing adversity. a disability advocate and mother. We delve into her fight against the model minority myth, her tumultuous bond with her mother, and her journey into disability advocacy.

Join us as we unpack Tiffany's raw emotions, her quest for self-identity, and her stand against cultural erasure.

Tune in and let's unravel her story together.



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