Dr. David Tian On Redefining Strength: Uncovering The Psychology of Masculinity Among Asian American Men

It’s predominant in Asian households to grow up believing that love is conditional - that you are only worthy if you have done something impressive.

The thing is, this mindset gets instilled in us to the point that it reflects on the ways we build relationships with others later on in our lives. Gender roles, social conditioning, and cultural systems mixed in with the way you were raised mold you into the person you are now. And these things? Well, they lead to deep insecurities, problematic relationships, and serious mental health problems.

In this episode, we talk about these things - and a lot more with Dr. David Tian, a Certified IFS Therapy Practitioner, a Former University Professor, and the host of the Masculine Psychology Podcast. Join us as we dive into the deep layers of childhood trauma, how it manifests in your dating life, and what heals you from it. See you on the inside!

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