Dennis Yao Yu On Breaking Barriers And Building Success: Embracing Asian Identity In The Workplace

Welcome to another episode of Big Asian Energy! 

In today's episode, we dive deep into the intersection of identity and work. We spend so much of our lives working, often more than we do with our own families. That's why it's crucial to explore how we bring our authentic selves to the workplace.

Today's guest embodies the spirit of perseverance and ambition that many immigrants bring to the shores of America. Hailing from Taiwan, he's not just an immigrant but a trailblazer in the e-commerce technology world. With over 15 years of experience, Dennis Yao Yu has been the backbone of startups and corporate giants alike. Today, he's championing entrepreneurs at Shopify as the Merchant Success Team Leader. Before this, he lent his expertise to the prestigious University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. And his leadership at led to a monumental exit from Walmart. 

Dennis shares how his diverse background gives a valuable perspective that others may not have, leading to innovative thinking and different approaches to revenue growth and cost savings. We'll also delve into the role that identity and culture play in how Asians perceive and perform at work. Dennis sheds light on his personal experiences as an Asian professional and the challenges and opportunities they've encountered along the way. Discover strategies for recognition and promotion, as well as the importance of mentorship and sponsorship within organizations.

Tune in as we unpack the complexities of being "the other" in the workplace and the steps needed at a corporate and leadership level to ensure that all employees are seen, heard, and given equal opportunities.  Tune in now! 


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