Dr. Stephanie Wong On How Vulnerability Becomes Your Greatest Strength


While many perceive vulnerability as a sign of fragility, it's actually a testament to our inner fortitude. 


Vulnerability, far from being a flaw, is a bridge to deeper human connections, personal growth, and authentic living.  Why is it so crucial to show our true emotions and fears? 


 In today's episode of Big Asian Energy, we have the incredible Dr. Stephanie Wong joining us as our special guest. She’s a licensed clinical psychologist and entrepreneur. She’s the host and founder of Colors of Success podcast. 


Dr. Stephanie sheds light on the significance of vulnerability in building relationships.  She emphasizes the importance of sharing experiences and struggles, finding validation, and working together for a fair distribution of resources. We also dive deep into the messy times and the feeling of mother's guilt that many can relate to. Stephanie recounts a powerful moment when she had to make a difficult choice between attending a White House event and her children's open house at school. 


Be an empowered Asian American Women like Dr. Stephanie and tune in now! 

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