Eric Wong On Self-Exploration and Leadership Development: Understanding the Past to Build a Strong Foundation

Balancing dual identities and navigating between East and West, many Asian Americans harbor a unique leadership potential that's been shaped by their rich heritage and diverse experiences. But how do these emerging leaders tap into this potential in a landscape that doesn’t always recognize their nuances? 

In this week’s episode of Big Asian Energy,  we are honored to be joined by Eric Wong, Head of Leadership Development at Adobe.  We dive into the fascinating world of leadership development and strategy consulting. 

Eric offers invaluable insights into the art and science of leadership development. Understanding individual journeys, cultural backgrounds, and personal authenticity are all key aspects of crafting impactful leadership strategies.

But this episode goes beyond the professional realm. Eric explores the depths of his personal journey, delving into the profound influence his upbringing and cultural background have had on forging his ambitions and establishing a strong sense of identity. He also emphasizes the importance of self-exploration.

This is a value-packed episode you shouldn’t miss! Tune in now and step into your Big Asian Energy! 


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