Liang Zhao On How Can Asian Women Lead with Confidence And The Importance of Financial Literacy and Making Money Work for You

In many Asian communities, women are often told to be quiet and to follow traditions without question. They're taught to think about everyone else before themselves. But times are changing, and women everywhere, including in Asian Americans, want to speak up and be leaders. 


 In this week’s podcast episode, we’re thrilled to chat with Liang Zhao, the boss lady behind Vansary, a marketing agency with a mission: to lift BIPOC voices and businesses that often go unheard.   Liang explains the difficulties Asian Americans encounter in their professional lives and businesses. They also highlight the significance of representation and removing obstacles for future generations.


With a passion for educating their community about financial assets and investment vehicles, Liang emphasizes the need for access and knowledge that can help individuals make their money work for them. We also explore the complexities of self-promotion and self-advocacy, challenging societal norms and redefining success on our own terms.    


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