Sheena Yap Chan On Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Boosting Confidence and Success for Asian Women Leaders

Navigating the challenges of leadership can be daunting, especially when cultural barriers come into play. But what if these barriers are more than just external hurdles? For many Asian women leaders, the Bamboo Ceiling is a real and pressing concern, often leading to self-doubt and diminished confidence.

In the dynamic realm of leadership, it's crucial to not only break through these ceilings but also to nurture one's self-belief and resilience.

In this episode of Big Asian Energy, we are honored to be joined by Sheena Yap Chan. Sheena is a The Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, keynote speaker, consultant, and award-winning podcaster on leadership and self-confidence. She is also the founder and host of the award-winning podcast called The Tao of Self-Confidence where she interviews Asian women about their inner journey to self-confidence. 

We explore the trends and struggles women face on their journey to building self-confidence, and how cultural upbringing can play a role. But fear not, Sheena provides actionable advice on practices that can help women overcome these obstacles. We also tackle workplace challenges faced by Asian women, from being overlooked for promotions to not being taken seriously due to their appearance or name.


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