Analiza Wolf On Navigating Stereotypes as Asian American Female Leader

Being an Asian American woman in a position of power comes with unique and complex challenges, especially in a world where leadership is often seen in a limited way. This episode of Big Asian Energy delves into the intricate world of navigating stereotypes and breaking cultural norms as an Asian American female leader. 


Join us as we welcome Analiza Quiroz Wolf, a renowned executive coach specializing in empowering people of color, author of Asian-Americans Who Inspire Us, and host of Women of Color Rise. This inspirational book is now part of school curriculums and libraries, providing much-needed representation for Asian American children.  


We explore the challenges faced by Asian Americans in leadership roles, the importance of being the first, and the struggles of navigating leadership as a person of color and a woman. She shares her expertise and insights on breaking cultural norms, embracing self-love, and owning one's power.   

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