Jamie Zhu On How to Thrive as an Asian-Australian Influencer in Today's Social Media Space: Unpacking Fame and Cultural Nuances

Exploring the world of fame and influence as an Asian heritage individual in today's society brings unique challenges and opportunities. It's a journey of resilience, where one navigates cultural nuances and stereotypes while making a mark on the global stage.


We are thrilled to have Jamie Zhu, a social media sensation known for his funny prank videos and engaging content, join us for a candid discussion. Jamie recounts his unconventional journey from being a semi-pro soccer player to forging a successful career in the digital realm, shedding light on the challenges and thrills of creating viral content that resonates with millions.


He also shares intricate facets of Asian masculinity, spirituality, and the profound impact of social media on one's identity and self-worth. Learn the strength it takes to stay true to oneself and one's roots in the ever-changing landscape of social media. It's about the courage to represent and redefine Asian identity in mainstream culture, balancing traditional values with modern expressions.



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