Richard Juan On How To Grow In Your Career And Achieve More

Success in the ever-changing media and television industry calls for more than simply talent. Like any other career, thriving in your field is about finding your passion, honing your skills, and making meaningful connections.


In this week’s episode of Big Asian Energy, we're thrilled to be joined by a renowned Chinese-Filipino television host, actor, and film producer. Richard's first big break came from winning the Dabarkad's Choice Award in the "You're My Foreignoy" portion of the hit show "Eat Bulaga!". Richard is now the CEO of 28 Squared Studios.


Join us as we explore the complexities of Asian identity, the ever-evolving content creation landscape and the crucial importance of better representation in Hollywood. Our conversation also highlighted the challenges and opportunities in the evolving landscape of content creation. From the spread of fake news to the responsibility of balancing content creation and fact-checking, we fully dived into the impact of unfiltered content in today's digital age. Tune in now!


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