Confronting and Overcoming Mental Health Stigmas And How to Overcome Intergenerational Trauma With Soo Jin Lee and Linda Yoon On Of Yellow Chair Collective

Despite healthcare and public understanding constantly shifting, mental health remains an issue that encounters substantial obstacles. Mental health stigmas persist in many cultures and groups despite advances in recognizing and treating mental health issues.

In this episode, we're diving deep into self-compassion, mental health, and intergenerational trauma within the Asian and Asian American community.

Listen as we discuss how childhood messages, combining Eastern and Western therapies, and mental health stigmas affect us. Honored to be joined by Soo Jin Lee and Linda Yoon, co-directors of Yellow Tree Collective, and authors of their upcoming book "Where I Belong". Soo Jin Lee and Linda Yoon are professional therapists who witnessed firsthand how mental health issues often went unaddressed not only in their own immigrant families but also in Asian and Asian American communities.

Tune in for an important conversation on mental wellness and self-understanding. Don't miss it!


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