Mastering the Art of Dating And Ensuring Healthy Relationships And Self-Acceptance With Aisen Li

The search for love and friendship appears more challenging than ever in today's digital age when social media and dating apps have revolutionized human connection. The rules of engagement have changed, leaving many to navigate the murky waters of modern dating and relationships, from swiping left or right to deciphering communications.  


In this enlightening episode of Big Asian Energy, we're thrilled to welcome Aysen Lee, affectionately known as the 'Asian Hitch', to share his profound journey and insights into the world of dating, with a special focus on Asian-American relationships. Aysen, a renowned relationship coach, delves into the critical importance of self-acceptance and the challenge of dismantling societal stereotypes to foster a healthy dating culture among his clients.


Aysen breaks down the intricacies of online dating, offering invaluable advice on crafting engaging messages, creating a captivating profile, and mastering the timing to spark interest.  Learn the importance of setting boundaries to ensure respect, cultivating chemistry in relationships, and fostering an environment of mutual comfort and emotional safety. 


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